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ION mental health benefit overview

RTN mental health solutions

We are proud to be working as a Strategic Partner with ION.

We are neurodiverse affirming and respectful. Our approach places importance on the holistic needs of divergent minds; aims to provide a safe place to be listened to and to take away information and resources that enables wellbeing to be optimised.

Who we are

    • We are a service that is owned and run by mental health professionals.
    • We have a network of practitioners such as counsellors, life coaches and trainers. As part of our recruitment process, we identify practitioners who are neurodiverse aware and / or have experience of working with members of the neurodiverse community.

ION - RTN corporate membership

We offer an all-inclusive package of mental health services for corporate clients. We have been able to negotiate an exclusive rate for ION corporate members.

RTN Corporate Member Aims:

What we offer:

Corporate Members can access an all-inclusive package:

    • A secure RTN Members live chat
    • A forum
    • Psycho-educational talks and courses
    • Time-limited solutions focused counselling sessions
    • The option to include a mental health app
    • Periodically published key performance indicators
    • Metrics on your company’s wellbeing profile

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ION - RTN individual membership

RTN is running a pilot scheme for individual membership exclusively to ION members. The number of applicants is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The cost of Individual RTN Membership is £99 per year (or £8.25 per month) payable in advance.

What is included in the Individual Membership?

    • A mental health app
    • A secure RTN Members live chat
    • An exclusive wellbeing forum
    • Time-limited solutions focused counselling sessions
RTN Individual Member Aims

Sign up as an ION single member and get access to the above services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How we offer our services:

Our services are offered via video conferencing which means our service user’s need a phone, IPAD or computer with a camera. After an initial telephone assessment, you will receive the instructions and a link in an email.

What is counselling?

Counselling involves talking with a counsellor at an agreed time, usually once a week, about your needs. Sessions usually last 50 minutes. What you and your counsellor decide to talk about will depend on what issues you need support with. The counsellor will explain to you what counselling approaches they are trained in.

What is a psycho-educational talk or course?

This is an opportunity to join a group and listen to a counsellor / trainer talk about a subject providing ideas for resources that you might find helpful. You may be invited to talk in small groups or ask questions. A printed handout is given for you to take away.

ION and RTN partnership

Here at ION, we are excited  to be partnering with RTN mental health solutions. They offer very important services needed in our communities.

We are proud to be able to offer ION members reduced rates for RTN services.

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RTN mental health solutions

To our  communities! 

RTN Mental Health Solutions is committed to supporting organisations to respond to their employees' mental health needs by offering a timely and compassionate service informed by an approachable and clinically experienced team of professionals.

please find them on ION classified as one of our trusted partners.

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