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Neurodiversity networks overview

How it works?

ION neurodiversity networks are the spine of what we do. We have a vision of a mesh of ND networks covering the Globe, where members can all discuss one subject in all the networks at the same time and through that build impactful global knowledge about our neurodiverse community that we can communicate to the wider world.

ION will support hosts in setting up member networks everywhere. We provide the set-up guide to get started and support to the hosts of the networks with interesting subjects to focus on, access to guests speakers etc.

What to expect?

A ND network can be as big as a country and as small as 5-8 people locally. All our corporate members have their own ND networks internally and their employees also partake in external ND networks with our broader group of members.

It is through connecting we increase our impact in the world.

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ION Forums are created for and run by members. They can be everything from country forums through autistic entrepreneurs forum to an U30 ND global forum. Our corporate members can each have a closed forum for their employees alongside open global forums on Built environment or ND in the finance industry. We will start any forum that attracts a reasonable number of members and that have ongoing activity and two hosts overseeing the forum.

We expect all forums to be run in a respectful and kind manner and be a place of psychological safety for all our members. Our forum hosts will keep the forums active and engaging and we will learn from each other as we build our global community.

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