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ION stories overview

How it works?

ION Stories has blogs, podcasts and vlogs by neurodiverse / divergent (ND) people.

Visit these pages to read about, watch, or listen to ND people – or people who run businesses to help ND people.

Whether you’re:

    • Autistic
    • ADHD / ADD
    • Dyslexic
    • Dyspraxic
    • Dyscalculic
    • Dysgraphic
    • Gifted
    • OCD
    • Tourette’s
    • Any other Neuro type

or just looking to learn from ND people.

Here you can find stories of ND people’s lives. Stories to inspire you and showcase the many talents of ND people.

Together we are stronger!

Frequently Asked Questions for ION Chats

How can I be featured in ION Stories?

We love to feature and promote you – our fabulous, global neurodiverse members!

Email ION Stories editor with ideas for blogs, vlogs or to arrange a chat about the podcast.

Where can I find the podcast?

Find ION Stories podcast on all the major platforms – Amazon / Audible, Apple, Google, Spotify – and many more!

What’s the podcast like?

Podcasts are in short interview format (around 30 minutes) – with one individual or a business.

We may vary the format in future. For example, panel podcasts on in-depth topics or to promote neurodiversity awareness raising days.

What are the guidelines for blogs or vlogs?

We ask for blogs to be between 250 and 300 words. Vlogs should be similarly short and snappy (ideally under 15 minutes).

How can I follow you and give feedback?

We love it when you:

    • review and give feedback on ION Stories
    • talk about ION Stories on social media
    • share links with friends, colleagues and on social media.

Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

How can I contact you about ION Stories?

For queries and ideas about ION Stories, contact

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