ION Institute Of Neurodiversity

United we are stronger

“We should not fit our life to the demands of social conformity; we can’t find a model to live by from others, we can only find that within ourselves.”

“Let us be those creative dissenters who will call the world to a different way of living together, to a new level of compassion and ability to promote genuine harmony and continuity throughout the wider human system.”

“In unity, not uniformity, we can influence the world towards a more sustainable and fully inclusive expression of humanness.”


ION is an inclusive neurominority led global membership organisation with a purpose of helping neurominorities thrive and prosper. ION fosters neurodiversity awareness, acceptance and appreciation and advocate for equality and human rights of all neurominorities. 

Our aim is to become an impactful, global neurodiversity change making organisation, representing the voice of over 1 million members in over 100 countries.

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Our vision

ION’s vision is for a world where the neurodiversity concept is understood. A world where all neuro types are celebrated, embraced, and valued. A world where we will not be constrained by labels.



Become a part of a global community who advocates, transforms, and create safe spaces for us to be, to affirm and to connect. Walk alongside us, imagine and create with us, a society that is designed to embrace and include us all. Join us to raise awareness, bring understanding, and acceptance through collaboration and action. Become an individual member today.


The way we work in is changing. Now, more than ever we need employees that offer diversity of thought and creative problem solving that can mobilise teams, reshape cultures and improve outcomes to meet the business demands of today. As a corporate member of ION your business becomes part of a global community driving forward NEUROINCLUSION, whilst supporting your own neurominority employees. You can be confident you are enhancing your corporate social responsibility, meeting your legal requirements and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


ION welcomes donations to support our social mission.

Raise money

We are always looking for new fund raising ideas, click here if you would like to help us.

ION is lifting the voice of neurominorities and campaigning
for our representation and inclusion globally

There is a certain way of being human that is our way. We want to be free to live our life in our way, and not in imitation of other’s life.

We should not fit our life to the demands of social conformity; we can’t find a model to live by from others, we can only find that within ourselves.

When we can live authentically we are whole beings who are in touch with our core and therefore so much more able to be in touch with others

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