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“We should not fit our life to the demands of social conformity; we can’t find a model to live by from others, we can only find that within ourselves.”

“We do not think of the neurodiversity movement as one that seeks to integrate neurominority people into all the existing ways of living in the world as a human being.”

“There is a certain way of being human that is our way. We want to be free to live our life in our way, and not in imitation of other’s life.”


We are a community that seeks to be free to live, love, and belong in our own way as neurominority individuals. Join our community and collaborate with us in creating a better world for all of us. At ION, we are made by, for, and with you.


As an ION individual member, you will become part of a collective voice seeking to transform the way we view ourselves, and the way society views us. Our global community works across all levels of society, and life, where we advocate, transform, and create safe spaces for us to be, to affirm and to connect.  Join as an individual member today.


As a member you can access

  • Access to panels, events, employees chosen as speakers, panellists
  • Monthly ION News Email
  • Access to a global community of ION members collaborating together
  • Mentoring programme
  • Resources and thought pieces focused on neurodiversity
  • Product reviews, focus groups, mystery shoppers, ‘red teaming’
Individual membership is Free. Join a growing community of neurominority individuals committed to changing our world for the better. 

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As a charity, we are funded entirely by membership fees, donations or via sponsorship. We welcome support from organisations and individuals alike who are committed to champion awareness, acceptance and appreciation of neurodiversity that leads to transformational change

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