“We should not fit our life to the demands of social conformity; we can’t find a model to live by from others, we can only find that within ourselves.”

“We do not think of the neurodiversity movement as one that seeks to integrate neurominority people into all the existing ways of living in the world as a human being.”

“There is a certain way of being human that is our way. We want to be free to live our life in our way, and not in imitation of other’s life.”

Health in ND

More than ever before we are understanding the coloration between mental health and neurodiversity. For many individuals masking and being unaware of their own neurodiversity often leads to poor mental health. We are committed to understanding and supporting all Neurominority individuals to promote good mental health through our work at ION. 

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ION and RTN partnership

Here at ION, we are excited  to be partnering with RTN mental health solutions. They offer very important services needed in our communities.  We are delighted to be able to offer ION members reduced rates for RTN services.

RTN offers a comprehensive range of services that enables
employers to support and nurture their neurodivergent workforce.

Diagnostic Assessments

Our corporate Autism and ADHD diagnostic assessments include:

  •  A comprehensive and NICE compliant diagnostic assessment
  • •VIP treatment
  • Fast-tracked service – appointments typically within 2 weeks
  • Post-diagnostic interviews
  • Liaison with the employer’s HR department
  • Producing two versions of the report
  • One for the individual and one for the employer’s HR department
  • Progress tracking for the employer’s HR department

This service can be provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, or discount. 

Post-Diagnostic Therapy & Workshops

.RTN has a bank of hand-picked therapists that specialise in providing therapy for people with Autism and ADHD. We also offer group workshops and management training aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of Autism and ADHD.

This service can be provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, or discounts can be offered for pre-paid packages.

Psychiatry & Medication

RTN Medical is a CQC registered private psychiatric clinic that offers in-person and online assessments, medical treatments and medication management packages for a broad range of mental health conditions.

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Become a member of ION and access 5% RTN discount

As a member of ION you can access a 5 % discount on RTN services as well as be part of our global community, as we collaborate in creating systems, spaces, access and equity for the NEUROCOMMUNITY across the world

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