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ION institute of neurodiversity

The Institute Of Neurodiversity is a global neurodiversity member organisation. Our goal is to bring together one million neurodivergent people, and our allies, from 100 countries.

    1 million hearts    

We are a not-for-profit social franchise headquartered in Switzerland. We have franchises in the UK, Ireland and Australia and are continuously expanding our global reach.

What is neurodiversity?

Humans are hugely diverse in many different ways. We’re all unique with our own life experiences and personal preferences. Our differences bring richness and greatness to the world.

Neurodiversity (ND) is one form of diversity. Neurodiverse groups include ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and Tourette syndrome. People who are ‘neurotypical’ are those whose brain works in the way that society expects.

Neurodiversity describes these natural variations in the human brain, which affect sociability, learning, attention and mood. Judy Singer, the sociologist, coined the term in 1998 and journalist Harvey Blume helped to popularise the word.

The medical profession groups neurodiverse people into diagnostic conditions. This helps us understand the challenges that people may experience. However, everyone’s different, even within neurodiverse types.

Where are neurodiverse people?

We are everywhere in society, like a vertical slice of the global population. We’re within all:

    • socio-economic groups
    • racial, national and cultural backgrounds
    • industries and professions
    • nurseries, schools, workplaces and boardrooms.

We are in each layer and colour, in the glue that binds the layers, and the icing on the top. We are in the candles - shining lights on all parts of society, through our different-but-complementary minds.

Why our difference is vital

As humans we are more alike than we are different. We all have emotions, senses, bodies and brains.

We neurodivergent people might experience the world, express ourselves, or learn differently. Embracing these differences lets us grow and contribute to the world in significant ways. Many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, innovators and artists are neurodiverse.

Today’s society still says we are different from ‘the norm’. At ION, we will create forums and societies that accept and celebrate us for who we are because in the end of the day we are...

    not so different    

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Goal: £100,000.00

Our leadership team

Global steering group

Global steering group statement

We are a diverse group of individuals passionate about making a difference for the neurodiverse community. We collaborate with anyone who will help us to fulfil our purpose of working towards an equal inclusive world where we can all prosper.

What we do!

Building global and local communities

ION will help build neurodiversity networks globally and locally. We help organisations with tools and support to run their own neurodiversity network. We also help individuals host various forums from country forums to U30ND forum and a forum for the built environment. We will support all the hosts in various ways such as subjects to discuss in the forum, speakers for events etc.

We are an umbrella organisation that draws all neurodiversity groups together into one for a global collaboration. We represent a grassroot movement where our voices count and where we achieve having agency in our countries. We will knowledge share between communities and countries to influence the world for the better, faster.

Where we operate

ION has a global vision of being present in all countries. Our first ambitious target is 100 countries by end of 2025. If we all work together to make this happen it is achievable.

Universal designs

ION and the organisations we work with, will build universal designs of different kinds that help everyone, not only help neurodiverse people.

Some organisations have realised that when they adjustment the work environment for neurodiverse individuals, then productivity increases for all employees. This is likely to be the case in many areas and ION will, through corporate members and other collaborations, build a base of knowledge that we can all benefit from.

How we accomplish UN’s sustainable development goals

ION will work to reduce inequalities for neurodiverse people within and among countries.

There are huge differences between countries in the awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity and the resources spent to support neurodiverse people. We will work with organisations to increase global awareness of neurodiversity and what can be done in different countries to reduce the inequalities that neurodiverse people experience.

ION will develop tools with government and the third sector so that neurodiverse people have appropriate access to justice. The percentage of neurodiverse individuals in jails is said to be higher than the wider population and that needs looking into. We will look into how neurodiverse people are treated throughout the justice system and promote work to improve conditions.

ION will work to promote effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

ION will work to build high-impact multi-stakeholder partnerships to meet our vision for the neurodiverse world population and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals within our focus of neurodiversity.

Global partnerships with governments, businesses, academia and the third sector will be key to ION’s ability to have the necessary impact. ION has started building partnerships with organisations, including the UN, to operate within a partnership ecosystem where the many work together for the better of all.

As well as significantly contributing to UN’s goals, ION supports and fosters an environment that will accomplish many environmental / social / governance objectives in a demonstrable way.

Therefore, we are creating and sustainably supporting deep societal impact and value.

ION will contribute to good health and wellbeing, through its worldwide neurodiversity networks. We will build a global community for neurodiverse people and our allies which will increase support and wellbeing and reduce loneliness for neurodiverse individuals. We want to influence to ensureneurodiverse people lead healthy lives and that society considers our wellbeing.

Many neurodiverse people are seeking a community to be part of. We are often isolated, sometimes even within our own families.

Getting a quality education is the foundation to improving neurodiverse people's lives. ION and its members will do research into improving education ofneurodiverse people. Through our global network we will share knowledge between organisations and countries.

We will lobby to ensure access to an inclusive and equitable education for us. Too many neurodiverse children have inadequate educational support and many countries' educational frameworks are unsuitable for neurodiverse learners.

There is a widespread gender discrimination against neurodiverse girls and women.

ION will conduct surveys, do research, create awareness and lobby to change this. Neurodiversity represents a vertical slice of the world's population and we will seek to represent neurodiverse populations everywhere.

ION will work with many organisations to promote sustained, inclusive and productive employment and decent work for all neurodiverse people.

We will lobby, create awareness and celebrate successes in employment for neurodiverse people. We will share tools, knowledge and access to training that can improve employment and ensure inclusive work practices. This will improve access to the talent of the neurodiverse population and improve economic growth.


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