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About us

ION institute of neurodiversity

The Institute Of Neurodiversity is a global neurodiversity member organisation. Our goal is to bring together one million neurodivergent people, and our allies, from 100 countries.

    1 million hearts    

We are a charity headquartered in Switzerland with chapters around the world. 

What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity describes the idea that people experience and interact with the world in many different ways. There is no "right" way of behaving, learning and thinking.

Neurodiverse groups include ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and Tourette syndrome. People who are ‘neurotypical’ are those whose brain works in the way that society expects.

Neurodiversity describes these natural variations in the human brain, which affect sociability, learning, attention and mood. Judy Singer, the sociologist, coined the term in 1998 and journalist Harvey Blume helped to popularise the word.

The medical profession groups neurodivergent people into diagnostic conditions. ION follows the social model of disability believing that it is society placing limits on us, not our neurodivergence.

Where are neurodivergent people?

We are present everywhere in society, like a vertical slice of the global population. We’re within all:

    • socio-economic groups
    • racial, national and cultural backgrounds
    • industries and professions
    • nurseries, schools, workplaces and boardrooms.

We are in each layer and colour, in the glue that binds the layers, and the icing on the top. We are in the candles - shining lights on all parts of society, through our different-but-complementary minds.

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Goal: £100,000.00

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What we do!

Building global and local communities

ION builds neurodiversity networks globally and locally. 

We work to draw individuals, organisations, businesses, governments and academia together for a global collaboration. We facilitate knowledge share between individuals, communities, businesses and countries to influence the world for the better, faster.

Where we operate

ION has a global vision of bringing together and supporting neurodivergent individuals in all countries. We are headquartered in Switzerland with chapters in a growing number of different countries. Currently we are present and in the process of setting up in Switzerland, the U.K., Scotland, US, Ireland, Australia, India, Pakistan, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Germany, France and Holland. 

How we accomplish UN’s sustainable development goals

ION works to reduce inequalities for neurodivergent people globally

ION develops tools with governments and the third sector so that neurodivergent people have appropriate access to justice. ION promote effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

ION work to build high-impact multi-stakeholder partnerships to meet our vision for the neurodivergent world population. 

As well as contributing to UN’s Sustainable Development goals, ION supports and fosters an environment that will accomplish social and governance objectives in a demonstrable way.

ION contributes to good health and wellbeing, through its worldwide neurodiversity networks. Through building a global community for neurodivergent people and our allies we can increase support and wellbeing, and reduce loneliness for neurodivergent individuals. 

ION influences to ensure access to an inclusive and equitable education for us. Too many neurodivergent children have inadequate educational support and many countries' educational frameworks are unsuitable for neurodivergent learners.

There is a widespread gender discrimination against neurodivergent girls and women.

ION conducts surveys, do research, create awareness and lobby to change this. 

ION works with many businesses, governments and organisations to promote sustained, inclusive and productive employment and decent work for all neurodivergent people.


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