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Creating a world where neurodivergent people thrive

13 Oct 2021 9:35 PM | Charlotte Valeur (Administrator)

Creating a world

where neurodivergent people thrive

Author: Morwenna Stewart

Post date: October 5th 2021

Our aim

“To create an equal, inclusive world that understands, represents, and values neurodiverse people equally.”

The Institute of Neurodiversity aims to unlock the potential $10tn annual GDP of neurodiverse / divergent minds.* To do this, we're creating a single global charity and membership organisation.

Why now?

Neurodivergent people are original thinkers with sought-after skills. But many are misunderstood, excluded, unemployed or underemployed.

Many outstanding advocates and organisations are working hard to reverse these trends. Together, we can achieve more.

About ION

The Institute of Neurodiversity (ION) will showcase and promote neurodivergent strengths and capabilities. With franchises on every continent and a million members by 2025, we will be the authoritative place for neurodivergent voices.

With our partners, we will change the course of neurodivergent lives and enable the world to benefit from untapped talent.

Our aims and objectives align to the UN’s sustainable development goals - covering health, inequality, justice, education, work, economic growth, and strategic partnerships.

About you – our members

To achieve our ambitious aims, we are working with you – like-minded partners, individuals and organisations – in every sector and continent:

  • small, medium, and large organisations
  • neurodiverse / divergent-led businesses, charities, non-profits
  • individual advocates and groups
  • organisations’ staff equality networks
  • allies, families, friends, and supporters
  • and more...

For members

As a member, you have exclusive access to events, tools and products:

  • ION Chats: with volunteers about your ND experience
  • ION Voice: surveys, blogs, articles
  • ION Stories: blogs, podcasts, video interviews
  • ION Neurodiversity Network: support for ND staff networks and industries
  • ION Directory: directory of approved trainers, advocates and coaches
  • ION / RTN Mental Health: support from neurodivergent-informed practitioners
  • ION Annual Awards: celebrating global innovation in neurodiversity

We will soon include original research; lobbying materials; certified training; and much more.

To join this exciting venture, through individual or corporate membership, click here.

Join us!

Thank you!

Steering group

Trustees and directors

Charlotte Valeur, Chair

Charlotte Valeur, Chair and Founder

Maciej Cielecki

Tony Fish

Jeremy Davey

Marlene Gyldmark

Miranda Morgan

Andre Skepple

Jude Morrow

Lindsey Stewart

Morwenna Stewart

Morwenna Stewart

Natalie Sykes

Andre Voinescu

Business case for neurodiversity:

Neurodiversity Is a Competitive Advantage (

*People use the terms neurodiverse, neurodivergent or neurominority, for people with different brains. Neurodiversity includes autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, dyspraxia, dyscalculic, dysgraphic, and Tourette syndrome.