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ION speaks with... Morwenna Stewart

13 Oct 2021 9:43 PM | Charlotte Valeur (Administrator)

Morwenna Stewart

An Executive Coach specializing in neurodiversity.
Morwenna is passionate about enabling all ND people to reach their potential.

Steering Group

Author: Morwenna Stewart

Post date: 15 October 2021

Morwenna - How are you?

I'm great, thanks, and so excited about the work we’re doing at ION.

What brought you to the world of neurodiversity?

I have a son who’s autistic and awesome. When he was a toddler, I did tons of research and realised I’m autistic too. I was diagnosed in my late thirties, which was one of the best things that happened to me. It changed my life for the better.

Work wise, I’d been working in marketing, communications, writing and editing – mostly for health and NHS – and I managed teams and projects. I then trained to become an executive coach.

I now coach diverse groups of people – from those who struggle to get work, through to directors and CEOs. I specialise in neurodiversity (and disability and diversity, generally) as that’s where my passions lie.

I want to make the world better for ND people and support them to be at their best. The world needs ND skills!

How does being ND yourself help you to coach others?

I feel on a similar wavelength to other neurodivergent people. We just seem to get each other. Knowing that I’m ND seems to help people to feel comfortable and trust me to talk about their hopes, dreams, vulnerabilities and so on.

Caching isn’t counselling and I refer people to specialist mental health support if they need it. However ... ND people have often experienced rejection and trauma, which can affect their self-esteem and achievement. Coaching can uncover that and help them to use strengths, move beyond any self-limiting beliefs, and achieve great things.

What brought you to ION?

I read an article with Charlotte Valeur (our Founder and CEO) and got in touch. I’m not shy about putting myself forward, so I said she needed my skills!

I joined the steering group and then the board of trustees / directors.

What’s exciting to you about ION?


ION will bring a strong single voice to support ND businesses and individuals. It will give us the collective strength to change the world for ND people.

On a personal level, I LOVE working with colleagues at ION and doing the podcasts and blogs. It’s a pure pleasure.

Here’s to great things from ION!


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