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  • 14 Jan 2022 4:58 PM
    Message # 12262156

    Our blog on burnout has some tips on managing or avoiding exhaustion:

    What works for you?

  • 14 Feb 2022 11:11 AM
    Reply # 12598083 on 12262156

    During my research into dyslexia, I found the best methods for relaxing before or when feeling burnout, during study or work, were ones that occupied the brain.

    The brain will worry in the background if it’s left to idle and so the best ways to fully relax the mind and de-stress is an activity that occupies all of our attention.

    A walk on its own isn’t enough as it’s too passive. Something more physical and/or more engaging can be: 

    • Swimming (or other active exercise)
    • Baking/cooking
    • Doodling/painting
    • Or just reading/listening to a good book

    In short, activity that we enjoy and that occupies our mind.

    (Taken from my Toolkit for dyslexic students, which can be found here: )