Self Advocacy

“We should not fit our life to the demands of social conformity; we can’t find a model to live by from others, we can only find that within ourselves.”

“We do not think of the neurodiversity movement as one that seeks to integrate neurominority people into all the existing ways of living in the world as a human being.”

“There is a certain way of being human that is our way. We want to be free to live our life in our way, and not in imitation of other’s life.”

Self Advocacy Resources

Building Self Advocacy

Section 1

Enhancing Self-Awareness

Section 2a

Guide to Mindfulness Meditation: Cultivating Presence and Inner Peace

Section 2b

Black background with world in a heart sha[e

A Guide to Self-Examination and Reflection

Section 2c

Black background with world in a heart sha[e

Build Self Confidence

Section 3a

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