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Services and benefits

Welcome to ION's Neurodiversity services. Click the quick links below for more information on any of our services and benefits!


Neurodiversity services offered by a variety of organisations.


Get involved with and influence our forums, share knowledge and insights, support each other.


ION speaks up on behalf of our members based on everyones input through surveys etc. Building our voice globally. 


Blogs, podcasts, video interviews sharing lived experiences of neurodivergent individuals.


Support and tools for ND Networks, privately and professionally.

Mental health

Mental health global benefit package with ND trained therapists and 24/7 helpline. ASD and ADHD diagnostics. 


Research, papers and a Journal on neurodiversity involving members, universities and researchers globally.


Exciting times here at ION as we prepare for our first Neurodiversity Awards 2023.


ION events are specifically designed to enhance and share knowledge about neurodiversity.


ION welcomes donations to support our social mission.

Raise money

We are always looking for new fund raising ideas, click here if you would like to help us.


Become a volunteer with ION and help change the world.

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